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CapabilitiesQuad City Testing Laboratories (QCTL) and Quad City Calibration (QCC) create an organization that is dedicated to providing the highest quality of inspection and testing service to the industrial community. We are an independent specialized company, providing third-party nonbiased inspection and testing data, which is critical to industries need for obtaining that accurate information required to make the right safety, quality, and economic decisions for your plant or product. Every technician that is provided by QCTL has received the highest quality in training and months/years of hands-on experience required to successfully become certified in the testing or inspection method our customers require.

Each inspection and testing service provided can be supplied to your location whether that is required by necessity, convenience or economic demands. Our nondestructive testing department is focused on delivery of testing methods such as ultrasonic, radiographic, magnetic particle, liquid penetrant, eddy current, hardness, and vacuum box that provide the identification of hidden flaws that would not be discovered with conventional methods. Certified crane and material handling equipment inspection specialists work full time in their search for safety, compliance and mechanical problems related to these very unique pieces of equipment. Inspection methods such magnetic particle, dielectric, ultrasonic, liquid penetrant, and load testing up to 100 tons are used to enhance our visual periodic and frequent inspections. Quad City Calibration provides comprehensive gage calibration for all types of dimensional and electronic measurement equipment.

This is accomplished through a broad range of calibration services that utilize exacting quality programs, state-of-the art equipment, experienced personnel and facilities specifically designed to provide accurate, repeatable results. QCTL training department been staffed by instructors that are experts in their fields with an average over 25 years experience. Each training program is specifically developed for your individual needs whether in accordance with the guidelines established by the American Society for Nondestructive Testing, OSHA, American Welding Society or to a specific inspection requirement are available at any of our training centers or QCTL is happy to provide training at your facility. Courses offered include nondestructive testing methods such as radiography, liquid penetrant, ultrasonics, magnetic particle, visual, eddy current and safety related training like frequent crane/material handling equipment inspection, radiation safety. Even specialized courses in precision gage care, radiographic film interpretation and general NDT overview are available.

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